Monday, October 17, 2016

Rock stars don't eat healthy

First, there is a publication called Medical Problems of Performing Artists.

In the June issue, researchers from Saint Louis University surveyed 35 musicians and found that 80% considered healthy eating to be a priority.

More than 75% said they felt confident making healthy choices.

And 82% said they knew how to cook in a healthy way.

BUT--they also had problems getting access to healthy foods, with venue concession food, last-minute buffets, fast food, and airport food being so heavily featured in their lives.

Also--others on tour may not support their desire for healthier foods.

In other words, cheeseburgers in paradise may not be paradise.

And musicians are physical--they work nights, travel days, may not sleep well, and then must prance around on stage like a athlete.

What is the solution? Maybe better buffets backstage--lose the M&Ms. More trips to the grocery store for fruit.

Trisha Yearwood has a Food Channel show using her southern recipes--and even she says she is glad to get home cooking, even if she cooks it herself.

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