Thursday, October 06, 2016

The coming role of bots in your health care

"How YOU doin'?"
Writing on MedCity, Andis Robezierks says important health care info must be transmitted more and more in shorter sessions with the doctor.

Yet patients need to process information gradually--say about a cancer diagnosis.

Geri Lynn Baumblatt, executive director of patient engagement for Emmi, says one in four women experience PSTD when diagnosed with breast cancer.

Her company helps deliver the message when people are overwhelmed or shut down.

Could a "bot" help in this process?

Sometimes "the human touch" is not called for.

In a virtual session, patients will ask or answer embarrassing questions more often..

Her company constantly tweaks the recorded messages--one sentence, one word...

They never use a robot voice--they use a human voice. A man or a woman's voice? They determine which groups prefer which.

Following up on hospital discharge is another role for bots. Often discharge info is sketchy--my daughter's was, see below.

The bot can determine if the patient is depressed (my daughter was), confused or has some new side effects.

What do you think? A human woman called about my daughter--but she made it clear she was in a hurry.

Still, I despise those canned robot speeches..."Can I provide more information on that?" Ugh.

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