Tuesday, October 11, 2016

VR for kids to distract from needlesticks

Credit: Nationwide Children's Hospital
Kids with hemophilia  (bleeding disorder) get lots of blood tests--the dreaded needle.

Charmaine Biega, RN, a nurse clinician at the hemophilia treatment center at Nationwide Children's Hospital, watched the youngsters freak out for nearly 30 years.

Some ended up with lifelong needle anxiety.

Then she watched some of her little patients actually have fun during painful procedures--thanks to a virtual reality experience called Voxel Bay, created by experts from Nationwide and students from Ohio State.

The first kid to get his treatment through an IV while engaged with the game barely flinched.

The headset developed by the team is lightweight and meant for small children.

So far this is just a pilot study.

They are also looking into how this could be adapted for home use.

If kids can be spared fear and pain, which can also enhance the effectiveness of the treatment--what a win-win.

Let's get on it!

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