Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Californians to meet mall robot

Yeah, that's him.
Mike Murphy, in Nextgov, Nov 23, 2016, says the bots are coming to spread holiday cheer.

The Japanese telecom SoftBank will bring a personal robot named Pepper to two shopping centers in California (Westfield San Francisco Center and Westfield Valley Fair in Santa Clara).

No, this eager fellow won't argue with you over returns or pick out a scarf to go with that jacket. Pepper can, however, say Hello in six languages, take photos of customers from its chest, play games with customers and start up dance parties with its built-in tunes.

Customers can also provide feedback on their experiences in the mall to Pepper. Maybe they can say they didn't come there for a dance party.

Other less chummy robots are already coming to shopping--touchscreens instead of cashiers,  security bots that cruise around and sometimes run over customers.

So Pepper is just the beginning...He may be an automated selfie machine now...but wait...

Personally, I preferred Rosie on the Jetsons. She was no Roomba.

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