Friday, November 11, 2016

How to burn calories--do the holidays

Not a mess--a calorie burning
We think of holiday time as eating time, but there are also chances to burn off a few cals. By a few, I mean a few...

Gift shopping: 95 cals

Standing in line: 47

Food shopping (pushing a cart): 13

Baking cookies: 95

Changing beds for guests: 40

Housecleaning: 191 (wow, we have a winner, wait, it's housecleaning, never mind)

Caroling: 140 in an hour, singing while standing
                   204 walking between houses at 2 mph

A nice big piece of pie is what...250-400 calories? That's a lot of bed changing.

Still--you may also be sightseeing with guests, going up and down stairs more, shoveling walks, making snowmen with all the kids, and otherwise getting off your routine--every little bit helps.

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