Thursday, November 10, 2016

Skin care varies by age

First some general skin care advice, much of which you have probably heard...

--Select products geared to your skin type--sensitive, dry, oily or a combo.

--Protect your skin from the sun, that big nuclear reactor in the sky.

--Use a retinoid unless it dries or irritates.

Now for the ages:

TWENTIES. It's never too early to start thinking about your skin. Young women need a simple regimen. Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser and use SPF 30 every morning. You can also add a retinoid at this age if it agrees with you. Remember--sun damage is cumulative--you need to start early to keep it from building up. Also women in their twenties may still have acne. There are many treatments--ask your dermatologist.

THIRTIES: The dark spots may be showing up--sun damage. This can happen even through SPF 30 everyday. In addition, a retinoid and topical Vitamin C may help and help prevent more. Wrinkles may also be making an appearance. But beware of heavy-duty wrinkle treatments aimed at older women--they can cause acne or milia (small cysts where dead skin cells get trapped under the surface). This means retinoids. Women in their 30s should also use a light anti-oxidant serum and if you are worried about wrinkles, maybe botox or hyaluronic acid. Spider veins can also be a problem in this age group.  See if you can afford treatment for those.

FORTIES: The skin begins to lose collagen and elastin and sag. There are non-invasive treatments such as microfocused ultrasound and radiofrequency microneedling. Fillers may also help. At this age, you may also lose fat in the face and hands (my problem--the hands). There are treatments for this. You may also want to address unwanted body fat in the torso and legs (not subject to exercise). Again, focused ultrasound, thermal energy treatment, and cryolipolyisis are something to ask about.

Ooops--the advice ends in the forties. I guess if you're older, your rmoney is gone or you are beyond saving.


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