Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Uh-oh, zombies could overtake Chicago in 2 months

Researchers at the Argonne National Lab used a computational model designed to study the spread of MRSA and Ebola to game plan a zombie invasion. You know those scientists--pretty playful.

It would only take 60 days for 2 million Chicagoans to be zombified.

While there seemed to be little resistance in place to the walking dead--strategies such as training ordinary people to kill zombies and communications from city officials that tell people how to avoid them did make a difference.

This experiment draws attention to the model for strategizing public health issues.

This ChiSIM model can simulate the complex behavior of millions of "agents"--in this case, Chicagoans, moving through 2 million locations in the city.

Recently the model was used to identify a "hub" for MRSA--the Cook County Jail.

Where is Glenn when you need him?

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