Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Are you in the hospital reading this?

I don't know how many people check their sites while hospitalized, but here goes with some tips for making the most of the holidays while feeling the least festive you ever have.

First, realize you can REALLY get the blues while in the hospital--people drop by, if you're lucky, and then leave you to your little yucky world.

Still, sometimes those people are bringing therapy dogs or singging carols.

Rev Karen Schnell, director of the UCLA Health Spiritual Care Dept, there are some things you can do to celebrate:

--Ask someone to bring in a little plastic tree or Menorah.

--Have relatives or friends open gifts with you.

--Attend hospital services if you feel up to it. You could also ask a chaplain to come if you are not up to going elsewhere in the hospital.

--Send a card to someone you miss.

--And RECEIVE instead of give. People want to give--let them--you will both feel better.

Also, I might add, hospitals can be short-staffed at holiday time--be your best advocate, insist on someone coming in if you need help, don't let empty IVs beep and beep, and if an unfamiliar face is giving you drugs, ask about those drugs...engage in conversation.

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