Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Bikini waxing linked to increased risk of STDs

HealthDay News ran a story on grooming of the nether parts, shall we say. In a study done at the Texas Dell Medical School in Austin, it was learned that frequent groomers of pubic hair are three to four times more likely to get a sexually transmitted disease such as herpes, HPV, or syphilis.

The study did not prove that one CAUSED the other, but there was a clear association between the grooming and the STDs.

Such grooming is becoming more popular worldwide. So the researchers surveyed 7,580 US residents, 18 to 65, about their grooming habits, sexual behavior, and history of STDs.

Eight-four percent of the women said they had tried grooming at least once--66% of the men, same.

Seventeen percent of the groomers were "extreme," meaning they removed all hair more than 11 times a year. Daily or twice weekly earned 22% the label of "high frequency."

Extreme groomers have a quadrupled (4 times) risk of an STD--high frequency had a 3.5 times risk.


Maybe, thought the researchers, the grooming itself left little cuts allowing in infections.

Or do people who groom more often engage in more sex? (I would lean toward this one.)

Still, even those who said they had EVER groomed had an 80% increased risk.

On the bright side? Grooming eliminates most of another problem--crabs.

But maybe--this hair had some purpose? Think?

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