Thursday, December 15, 2016

How to keep kids on track in the holiday chaos

I say they are faking it.
St Joseph's University's professor of psychology Jodi A., Mindell, PhD, reminds us (as if we need it) that kids get off schedule, overexcited, and over-sugared this time of year.

Some of her tips for dealing with this:

--Keep bedtimes and naptimes consistent, the usual sleep schedule.

--Stick with the familiar bedtime rituals..bath, story, bed, or whatever.

--Doing the routine in a special way or new location (say Grandma's) can create problems. If you want the bedtime stories beside the fireplace--this can get the kids overexcited instead of the opposite.

As for mornings (especially Christmas morning):

--Stick to the routine as much as you can.

--Set the earliest they can wake you. A nightlight on a timer can click on, cluing in the littlest ones.

What about electronics?

--If the child gets his or her first smartphone or tablet, set limits from the start--using the thing at bedtime can interfere with the normal hormone melatonin and jangle kids.

--Never use the devices for say, the bedtime story.

One way to do this is for the whole family to charge their phones OUTSIDE the bedrooms every night. The kids do this from the start.

Pretty good--but how do you solve the too-many-cookies-and-candy problem?

By parenting--I forgot for a second.

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