Friday, December 02, 2016

How to select toys that are fun not funky

It's such a cliche that kids will toss the toy and play with the box. Maybe the cat will get in the box, but kids like the toys.

Obviously in shopping for the tots, no sharp edges or long strings or cords.

Equally importantly, though:

--Be mindful of age. Play is the WORK of childhood," says Sue Rzucidlo, a nurse practitioner at Penn State Pediatrics. But don't think a child will grow into a toy--say a bike--without the "work" skills to operate it.

--Remember, younger siblings may try to play with an older child's toy. Little kids put everything in their mouths...tiny movable parts on big sister's toy--not good.

--If a child is under three, make sure none of their toys would fit through a toilet paper tube.

--Those small, button batteries are often swallowed.

--Latex balloons can choke.

--Small magnets, when swallowed, can glom onto each other through the intestinal wall and cause a blockage or infection.

--When giving a toy with wheels--bike, skateboard--also give the safety gear.

--See what the toy is made of. Some plastics are toxic. Older toys--say from yard sales--can have lead paint on them.

Remember those lawn dart recalled some years ago--yeah. those were genius...

And ant farms? Those ants can escape. Take it from me.

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