Monday, December 05, 2016

Meat, dairy and eggs--without involving animals

I don't just mean shaped tofu, either.

Liz Specht, PhD, a self-described "science nerd," is interested in global health problems.

She started her career in the area of simplifying diagnostic tests for use in underdeveloped countries--and  got interested in the global food situation.

From there she hit on animal agriculture as an underserved opportunity to do enormous good. Not only could more food be produced, but it could be healthier to eat--addressing obesity, chronic disease, and antibiotic resistance.

At the Good Food Institute, she works with scientists, entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, and the public to advance new food technologies to make animal agriculture obsolete.

Already there are companies making milk and eggs without animals. Other companies are working on making clean meat--grown from cells.

Plant-based foods that taste more like meat are also a focus.

The field, she says, needs more human capital--more researchers, companies, and bright minds.

Also more money.

Won't the big agriculture companies throw up roadblocks?

Tyson Foods, she says, are already invested in Beyond Meat, which creates plant-based alternatives to meat.

Interested in getting involved. Go to GFI,org and check out the opportunities section.

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