Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Tiny tots love streaming

I am such a relic. So vintage. OK--old. But in my defense, I am developing some kids' cartoons.

And DHX Media is one place my work has been read (no sale, sad face). Anyhow, this is a Canadian kids programming giant, and they did a survey of 2,700 parents in the US, Canada and the UK to understand how kids 0-12 get their entertainment (and their commercials, of course).

According to the Animation World Network site (AWN.com), they are talking about what they call the global on-demand generation.

Surprise! Kids love mobile devices and streaming. And parents are "very comfortable" with this--even though these venues include commercials.

Tablets are the kids' preferred "screen." In the survey, 72% of daily kid viewing is from streaming services, such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and others.

--78% of  the households had at least one tablet

--29% of those had a tablet just for the child

--40% of the kids used smartphones.

----90% of the households with kids under 13 had at least one smartphone, 14% had a smartphone for the child alone

YouTube is by far the most popular streaming platform, specially the ad-supported Video on Demand (AVOD). YouTube Gamers captured 24% of the kids.

Perhaps a little disturbingly, parents also liked a new concept called One Click Content to  Retail--that allows viewers to click directly from a commercial to the buy site. Eight-one percent of the parents even liked the idea of their kids keeping a wish list with One Click Content to Retail.

Oh, well, folks--it's a brave new world...My cartoons have great merch possibilities--anyone? Anyone?

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