Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ugh--winter dry skin

My legs feel like rough cement. I slather on lotion--but I have never done it right after a shower as ALL the skin gurus suggest. I may try it.

Jeff Moore, an instructor of pharmaceutics at the University of the Sciences, explains that lotions provide a protective barrier that keeps skin from drying, weakening, and cracking...Those sound kinda bad, don't they?

Moore runs the Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory, where students get hands-on experience in compounding lotions and creams (hands-on--get it?).

Different types of products work best on different types of skin:

--Oil-based. These rehydrate skin faster than other products.  It actually allows healing--like a protective Band-Aid. On the label, watch for petrolatun or petroleum jelly as the primary ingredient.

--Water-based. People like these because there is no oily residue--and they do soothe and rehydrate--but need to be reapplied more often.

--Yes, apply after a shower. Also--keep the water warm but not hot.

--Ingredients like shea butter, aloe or cocoa butter can soothe cracked skin.

--Avoid products with heavy fragrances or dyes.

--And remember, a high price does not necessarily mean the best cream.

Still confused--Moore says ask the pharmacist. You may not need to run to the dermatologist.

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