Monday, January 23, 2017

Arthritis HURTS and you don't want to walk

I have arthritis in both knees, Everything hurts--going in the kitchen, sitting down in a chair, venturing out to a doctor even. Pain, pain. You don't want to take too much Tylenol because it's not a benign drug and can hurt your liver. I don't think oxycontin is a great idea (though some of my older friends take it).  I won't get knee surgery because I know people who had a bad result--and I had a terrible experience with surgery on my detached retina. So I gimp around, yowing and ouching all day.

Every piece of advice is that older people need to move, walk, in order to stay independent.

Federal guidelines say 150 minutes a week of moderate activity (brisk walking as an example) to prevent premature death and serious illness. That's what--20 mins a day?

Only one in 10 older people with knee arthritis meets this goal.

But now researchers at Northwestern says 45 minutes a week might be enough.

In one test, a third of the participants improved or had high function after two years.

Even a little activity is better than none, the researchers say.

The key seems to be do a little at a time. Federal guidelines (150 mins) says do it 10 minutes at a time.

Still they say the activity has to be moderate. Pushing a grocery cart (which I call the cheap person's walker) is apparently too low key.

I walk around the house...I can no longer get to the mailbox at the end of the driveway because there is nothing to hold onto (besides pain, I have bad balance from my failed eye surgeries).

I probably walk 7 mins a day--but briskly? Probably not...hanging on the walls for balance seems to preclude speed.

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