Friday, January 20, 2017

Chain restaurants broke pledge to improve kids' menus

In 2011, national restaurant chains, under the aegis of the National Restaurant Assn's Kids LiveWell program, promised to cut calories, saturated fat, and sodium in so-called kids' meals.

By 2015, the restaurants numbered 150 chains in 42,000 locations.

Some major chains did take soda off as the beverage and add yogurt or fruit as side, but according to a study done at Harvard, more changes are needed (Am J of Preventive Medicine).

The researchers said they saw very little meaningful progress in the nutritional quality.

For one thing, the soda has often been replaced by other sugar-sweetened bevs. Sugar-sweetened drinks are still 80% of the options.

Those apple slices? That yogurt? Apparently not the whole answer. The kids will still be offered fried nuggets and cheese, burgers, and other "kid" tasty items.

But what is the answer? Not all kids will chow down on a salad.

It guess it's back to the parents. How about splitting an adult fish meal between two kids. Or choosing the roasted chicken sandwich instead of the fried? Insist on milk or water? Veggies with a dip?

Got any other suggestions?

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