Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Forget those wearable baby monitors

Save your money and peace of mind.
A review of monitors that track your baby's vital signs has concluded there is no evidence these will help kids--and some evidence of potential harm.

Conclusion: These may cause undue stress for parents, leading to unnecessary tests and even hospital visits.

Examples of these are Mimo and Owlet's smart socks.  These use pulse oximetry and a heart rate monitor to track the baby's breathing and identify any interruptions.

Many of these, the reveiwers pointed out, are not FDA approved, either.

Even Owlet admitted that the JAMA comments about the lack of evidence behind these had "merit," but said they were trying to address these concerns.

The best they could say was that the technology was also used in Fitbit and the Apple Watch.

Well, what about them, too? Too much info?


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