Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Healthy foods that will be popular this year

Yes--it's all for her.
I'm back! Holidays over. And ready to bring you more weirdness.

A survey of 1,700 American dietitians called "What's trending in Nutrition," asked these folks to predict the top "superfoods" for the coming year.

Avocados, fermented foods, veggie-driven diets, and diet apps topped the list--as they have for the past several years. (Food trends take their time manifesting.)

OK--here are the selections...for 2017:

--Seeds (chia, hemp)


--Nuts (almonds, walnuts)

--Ancient grains


--Green tea

--Coconut products

--Exotic fruits


Eh--kinda boring.

Now two things I have noticed. First, I see more TV coverage of eating contests...some of these people train to eat huge amounts in a short period of time...and have become rich and well-known (on YouTube) for this "talent."

Second, I recently learned about "mukbang," a trend in South Korea in which internet entrepreneurs acquire great riches and fame by preparing or ordering huge meals and eating them on camera. They have millions of followers, often just to watch them eat a whole huge box of carryout fried chicken.

Basically, this is gluttony--and it's hard on the liver, among other organs.

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