Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New treatment for sweaty armpits

About three percent of the world's population suffers from hyperhidrosis--doctorspeak for medically excessive sweating. (The term means excessive water, go know.)

When the sweat collects under the arms, odor-causing bacteria can breed--and ewwww.

Now the FDA has approved a device from Miramar Labs called miraDry (get it--miracle and Miramar).

It's a device that applies microwave heat to your underarms, destroying the eccrine and apocrine glands that produce the excessive sweat.

It would hurt but you get some numbing first.

The treatment takes about an hour and lasts up to two years, according to Joshua Fox, MD, of Advanced Dermatology PC in New York state.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Laura Johannes says 22,000 to 30,000 sweat glands are destroyed in the process. She says the 2-3 sessions are needed and it lasts a year. Fox says the glands do not come back.

But a Miramar exec quoted by Johannes says only 82% of the sweat is stopped.

Another of her sources says miraDry is less effective than botox for this.

It is not known, apparently, if the remaining glands will start producing more sweat to compensate.

I checked--for Phoenix, the treatment can be in the area of $2500.

About 89% in one study were thrilled.

Fox recommends quizzing any doctor offering this:

--How often have you used the miraDry system? Were you specially trained?

--What other options might I have?

--What if I get soreness and bruising? (Suction brings the glands to the surface)

---What downtime is involved?

.So...it's up to you. I would say wait--they are tinkering with higher heat and other changes.

Or--just don't sweat it.

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