Monday, January 30, 2017

Old people, fall like a paratrooper

Kathy Osborn, New York Times, did a story on how older people should quickly fall like a paratrooper or stunt professional to minimize damage.

Falls, of course, are the most common reason for someone to appear in the ER.

Physical therapists want to help people fall better.

--Protect your head. If you find yourself falling, pivot and land on your side, head tucked in.

--Don't fall flat on your back. (My other did this once in the driveway. Not good.)

--Don't "froosh"--meaning fall on outstretched hands. Falling on knees is also bad.

--Take the hit on the fleshiest parts--side of your thigh, buttocks, or shoulder.

--Try to roll like paratroopers do. Don't fight it.

OK, OK--they also suggest snappy somersaults like in martial arts.

Fortunately, and I am probably jinxing myself saying this, I have only fallen once as an old person--I was leaning forward to sweep, and just kept going forward. There was no tuck and roll option.

And no, I could not get up. Luckily my kid was home. She is no martial arts instructor, but she got me up.

Anyhow, I heard that drunks are less likely to get hurt. Too bad most people drink after the fall.

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