Friday, January 27, 2017

Seniors with arthritis benefit from chair yoga

Florida Atlantic University did a randomized controlled study to see if  "chair yoga" affected pain or physical function in older people with osteoarthritis.

They used the "Sit "N" Fit Chair Yoga (tm) program developed by Kristine Lee (there are many on YouTube) compared with a health education program.

Chair yoga uses a chair for participants to sit in or hold onto for support.

The participants attended 45-min sessions twice a week for 8 weeks.

Researchers then measured pain, how pain interfered with life, balance, gait, speed, fatigue, and functional ability.

The chair yoga group showed greater reduction in pain and less interference of pain in their lives. The reduction in pain interference lasted for 3 months after the sessions ended.

Fatigue was also reduced, gait and speed improved, but this did not persist post-sessions.

I may try this--my life is certainly interfered with by pain. How about you?

I did non-chair yoga (Sivananda) daily when younger. I could not stand on my head anymore...wah.

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