Thursday, February 16, 2017

Australian system connects with discharged patients

Personify Care from Down Under helps hospital staff and patients stay connected after a hospital release.

This is one of 25 companies selected for the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institutes' accelerator program.

When patients are discharged now, they may get a fistful of paperwork, which they may or may not feel well enough to read and heed.

Personify Care sends the forms to the patients and allows them to ask followup questions.

Discharged patients receive regular texts from their nurse over a 6-8 week period with information about what they should be feeling and questions allowing the nurse to see if complications are developing.

In the test site, in Australia, each patient was contacted 17 times across seven weeks.

These texts got a 95.8 response rate. In one case in five, it identified risks the patient was facing.

Now--on to the US market.

Sounds useful to me. I remember being discharged from the hospital and feeling...what...scared..sort of abandoned--and thinking, what now?

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