Monday, February 20, 2017

Blue Monday--does your job suck?

Robert Camarote, Government Executive magazine, Jan 18, 2017, says a lot of people are unhappy at work--no or paltry raises, no new skills, and a bad boss.

Even people with a good salary and a nice manager may be disgruntled. Our relationships and community ties seem to be lacking compared with past generations. We chase fame and image--which come with anxiety and depression. And our expectations are too high--all that "you can be anything you want" stuff.

We lack clear purpose and don't see how our work is helping.

Most of what we do may be internal reporting, performance measuring--how does that help anybody?

There is, in short, no obvious benefit.

Both employers and employees rarely ask--is this job important? Is it needed?

People with a direct connection to the customer can say--look, you might need this, I made it for you, I can explain it to you, if it breaks I can fix it for you.

This gives clear purpose.

So how can everyone's job edge closer to this ideal? That is up to managers and even to you, the employee...

How about it?

We can't spend our lives frustrated and moping around.

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