Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hey, there might be a good use for fat cells

Yes, you can buy a stuffed
fat cell...what is science
coming to?
Ah, those magnificent fat cells--they never seem to die, just multiply or the ones you have get fatter.

They cause inflammation in nearby tissues. They make you look wobbly-blobbly.

But now--get this--researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at Penn say fat cells may be better than, say, skin cells, for anti-aging treatments.

Seems they chronologically age better. Wait--don't hang up. Chronological aging is the natural life cycle of cells--in the body, not manipulated in a lab. The Penn folks developed a system to collect and store cells without forcing them to replicate in a lab.

This is when the researchers found that human fat cells make more proteins than originally thought.  This gives them the ability replicate naturally and stay stable.

The cells are very robust, one researcher said. They can potentially be used in the future.

Stem cells are currently used in anti-aging treatments. They take them from various parts of the body, but now the fat cells may be the most promising.

At present, these cells are not approved for direct use by the FDA. But stay tuned.

Maybe those fat cells will turn out to benefit us after all--in situations other than preventing starvation.

I wonder about the FDA approval statement, though--don't doctors lipo out fat cells and inject them into other areas of the body as a way to make women look younger? I guess that doesn't count.

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