Friday, February 24, 2017

I admit it--I had a fat cat

My cat Chubby Butters was almost 20 lbs when I rescued him. The shelter said he had to be  on a diet and no carbs. I went to Petsmart and carbs were not listed on the food. I added up all the other nutrients, subtracted from 100 and got that most of the cat food was 30% carbs.

I then limited his amounts, even though he was aggrieved. At the next vet visit, he had gained 8 lbs.


So he was fat all his 11 yrs he lived until near the end--when he lost some. But, believe me, this was not deliberate.

Now, we are told, 59% of cats and 54% of dogs are overweight (Assn for Pet Obesity Prevention).

Yet, pet owners and veterinarians disagree on what to do. What about corn and grains--bad or good. Raw diets? Organic?

Obesity kills millions of pets prematurely, the pet obesity people say. It costs in sadness and money.

Yet, when asked about their own pets' weight, owners and vets report they are normal (81% of owners, 87% of vets).

The survey also showed that many vets do bring up the pets's weight (half of owners said it was never raised). Of course, the vets said they did.

So what about that food?

--61% of owners and 25% of vets said low-grain or no-grain was best.

--Raw diet? 35% of owners thought this was best, but only 15% of vets.

--Corn? 73% of owners thought it was bad for pets, while 48% of vets agreed.

So what to do...

We may be back to limiting quantity--you saw where that got me. My other cats in the same household at the same time were normal weight. I did notice, Chubby begged for food the most--and I think some of this might have been out of boredom.

If it was hunger, it sure made him grumpy--he bit me so badly one time I had to get a tetanus shot.

I have one cat left--she is tiny and skinny as a skeleton, although very spry at almost 20. Every time I stand, she runs to her dish to be fed. So go know.


Anonymous said...

Cats are true carnivores. Meat meat meat.

Dogs are nearly carnivores. They do not do well on grains and "healthy veggies." Meat. Think about packs of wild dogs, running down deer or whatever.

There are several things in meat which are not, or almost completely not, in fruits and vegetables. Humans are not meant to be vegetarians. Today's so-called healthy vegetarians are only healthy because they take specific supplements.

Dogs. Meat. Yes.

Star Lawrence said...

All remaining cat and all my previous cats ate canned food--meat. I was surprised at this survey where the vets tended to be less adamant than the owners--after all, they sell that expensive meat vet food.

Star Lawrence said...

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