Friday, February 10, 2017

MMMWAH! Some very important info on kissing

Of course, with V-Day coming up, I would not resist talking about kissing. Or, rather, I am going to let anthro professor Vaughn Bryant at Texas A&M talk about it.

First, kissing is good for your health. It releases hormones and endorphins that relieve stress, help with depression, lower blood pressure, and make you feel younger.

When did kissing start? (I feel like I am asking Mel Brooks' 2000-Year-Old Man). Bryant says it might have started millions of years ago with animals chewing food and feeding it to their babies. But--he says--it more likely started with smell..the so-called "sniff  kiss"--or cheek sniffer. In many cultures--kiss and sniff are the same word.

AND--get this--there are so many types of kissing in the Kama Sutra, that they think kissing as practiced now, may have started in India.

What about kissing folklore? "If your nose itches, you will be kissed by a fool." There are others. "If a standing man bends to kiss a woman, they will soon quarrel." "If you have a bad toothache, kiss a donkey on the nose." Uh...never mind on that one, but I liked the picture.

Alas, the French kiss probably originated in India. What can we believe anymore, I ask you. The French probably got the credit, Bryant says, because French women were more likely to kiss American travelers to France than the strait-laced New England gals these travelers left behind. Ooo-la-la..

No one around to kiss deeply and meaningfully? I can relate. Bryant has a solution for us--Hershey's Kisses provide the same endorphins, he says. And probably fewer cold viruses.

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