Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Parents doubtful they are getting kids to eat healthy diets

My child eats sugary cereal. She bakes cookies every week, My child is 35.

Did I provide a good example? Yes, and no. We always ate a varied diet--all the food groups. I have had lifelong intestinal issues and am not crazy about raw foods such as salads due to pain. She eats some salad.

She used to work at Wendy's--we ate more fast food then. Now almost never.

Still, we are both large women. Our lab numbers are OK so far.

Researchers at the University of Michigan did a survey of (guilty) parents. Only one in six said their children's diet was nutritious. A fourth said their diet was somewhat healthy or not healthy at all.

Most parents, the researchers said, know healthy food is better for their kids--but work schedules, play schedules, and food preferences make meal prep frustrating.

You can spend time and money on a health meal and the kids won't eat one bite.

It's all too easy to slip into a fast food mentality.

The parents polled also said it was difficult to tell which foods were actually good. Phrases such as all-natural, low-fat, organic, and sugar-free abound--and there may be a big difference between the term and the nutritional value.

For lots of parents, too, healthy foods are not available--this is the so-called "food deserts."

Is awareness of this a start?

Can kids be co-opted into helping shop well--maybe as a challenge?

Can kids pack their own lunches or help make their own dinners?

How about kid cooking classes to get them interested?

Remember, the average kid cannot buy Twinkies and HoHos--you would have to. So don't have that stuff around. It's a start.

I remember when my daughter was about 10, she begged to get "fruit leather," which for some reason, I found to be an expensive and stupid food--basically pounded jam. I refused many times and endured many meltdowns. Now I wonder--was fruit leather really that horrible?

Maybe an occasional compromise would make all this go better.

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Star Lawrence said...

By the way, on my intestinal issues--recently I read in a NYT comment section that having too little stomach acid--not too much--can make one's hair fall out (a problem I have had). I looked it up on Dr Google--apparently half of older people suffer from "low stomach acid." I had every symptom--the gas, bloating, pain, diarrhea, skin conditions, hair loss, the whole niner. One approach--and you can try this without side effects--is drink a spoonful or two of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (with "mother"--the substance that ferments) or now, as in my case, take a hydrocloric acid with pepsin pill or two right before eating. This is very preliminary--but I have had five painless days so far. Often--this condition can also give you heartburn and the doc will prescribe an anti-stomach acid preparation--which not only does not work but makes the condition worse. Just a thought--I may be saying this too soon--who knows. You look into it for yourself.