Thursday, February 02, 2017

Try to eat "purple"

I am sure you have heard the theory that your "plate" should be colorful and varied.

The website Black Health Matters recently had a piece on purple foods.

The purple color comes from anthrocyanins--a powerful anti-oxidant.

These foods have many health benefits:

--Cancer killer--Resveratol is present in purple grapes, blueberries, and red wine. This substance has shown promise in killing cancer cells.

--Obesity control--High levels of anthrocyanins can help control levels of leptin, the obesity hormone.

Reduced liver damage--Again, the anthrocynanins protect here.

Heart health--Protects the heart against oxidative damage, reduces "bad" cholesterol, and increases "good."

Anti-aging. Help reverse UV damage and postpone collagen breakdown.


So the next time you go to the store--think:

Purple cabbage

Purple potatoes

Purple carrots (yes--they exist)


Black rice--not exactly purple but full of iron and Vitamin E.

And many more.

These foods also dress up a plate. A feast for the eyes, as they say.

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