Monday, February 27, 2017

What first aid should mountaineers carry?

This is not a problem for me--I won't climb mountains or even hike. But plenty of people do.

Researchers at the Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio analyzed 11 previous studies of illness and injuries among climbers and came up with a list of medical supplies these people might want to bring along.

They admit it's hard to think of a one-size-fits-all and that experienced climbers learn over time what to bring.

First, the researchers studied what the most common problems are. Fifty-eight to 76% of injuried needing medical care came from falls.

Strains and sprains made up 25% to 29% of injuries.

Stomach upset and flu-like sickness were the most common illnesses.

The most commonly carried item was Band-Aids and other bandages. Some mountaineers also carried Vaseline and antibiotic reams.

The researchers suggested:

--Wound care supplies (medican glove, bandages, and tape)

--Splinting materials

--Syringes, tweezers, skin glue, Vaseline, blister ointments

--Anti-diarrheals, fever reducers, opioid painkillers, and anti-vomiting drugs.

Don't underestimate the mountain environment was the parting advice. This means also bringing proper clothing, water, navigation, and communication equipment.

I would add ropes to that... but what do I know?

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