Thursday, March 16, 2017

Good sleep--better than winning the lottery

University of Warwick (UK) researchers analyzed the link between sleep and mental and physical well-being and said working on achieving better sleep could be an effective, cheap health strategy.

The quality of sleep, the researchers pointed out, was more important than the length or number of hours.

They even quantified the benefits--equal to winning 200,000 pounds in the lottery.

Moreover, positive changes in quality of sleep, over time, using less sleep medication, improved scores on the General Health Questionnaire, used to determine mental well-being.

A person's physical health is also improved. And lack of sleep, and bad sleep quality lead to worsened states.

Bottom line: The benefits of sleep are accessible to everyone.

Some general principles:

--Cool room
--Dark room
--No devices or blue light
--Limit liquids at night to cut bathroom runs, don't eat after 8 PM
--Alcohol before bed can make you fall asleep but then rebound awake
--Comfortable mattress, bedding, and night clothes
--Maybe separate room from spouse who snores
--Pets in or out of bed depending on your preference

See? You didn't even need to buy a lottery ticket.

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