Monday, March 27, 2017

How about some wind sprints for the youngsters?

An international study conducted by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center indicates that 10 minutes a day of high-intensity physical activity would reduce the risk of some children's developing heart problems and diabetes,

Children who would benefit most had a large waist measurement and elevated insulin levels.

The study, in the journal of Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, analyzed data from 11, 588 kids from 4 to 18 who were included in 11 studies in the US, Brazil, and European countries.

Each child studied had at least one marker for cardio-metabolic risk.

They matched the markers against vigorous activity (while controlling for other factors) and found 32 associations out of 360--all related to waist size or insulin levels.

In these cases, the researchers concluded that avoiding being sedentary and even engaging in low-intensity moving about did not produce the results that vigorous exercise did.

But--of course--more study is needed, meaning looping in diet and genetic information.

In the meantime, hup, hup, kids--get up and race around. Can't hurt.

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