Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Med diet may cut chronic pain for overweight people

The Mediterranean Diet--more fish, olive oil, and plant-based proteins such as nuts and beans--is pretty delicious and not a hardship.

But, now, researchers at Ohio State says fat can cause inflammation in nearby tissues, so cutting inflammation can reduce or prevent that pain.

It's not just quantity of food--in other words--it's the makeup of it and the quality.

Remember, overweight people are more likely to experience pain. the study, included 98 men and women from 20 to 78 (the journal Pain).

They measured fatness by BMI, waist size, and body fat percentage.

They concluded that for fat people, it's "like a cloud hanging over them---because they experience high levels of pain and inflammation."

This work is preliminary, for example biomarkers for inflammation in the blood were not examined.

But take it from THIS bountifully endowed person, pain is an everyday reality.

Some nice hummus, garlic bread, fresh fish or salad dressed with olive oil...might help ease the discomfort.

I say it's worth a try. (This diet also cuts the risk of heart disease and even some cancers.)

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