Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Seriously--are these people SERIOUS?

I had excruciating stomach pains Saturday and finally went to the ER--enough was enough...I had a huge lump on my stomach, which I immediately feared was cancer, of course. And pain! Double-over pain...

After seven fun-filled hours and a CT scan, whew--hernia...But still, a hernia requires surgery. The ER referred me to a surgeon and said good luck, call Monday.

Then some more fun began. First thing Monday I called my Medicare HMO and asked about the surgeon they recommended--sorry, not on the plan. So I asked for more names--but please someone close because we have no car and must pay cabs. I got a list. I started calling...one was a plastic surgeon...hmmmm. not her. The others were up to 20 miles away. Finally I got an appt with one.

Yes, even though I had a CT scan, blood work, an EKG, etc at the ER, I would need to visit the surgeon's office for a "consultation." This, of course, would require a referral from my "family doctor."

I called my family doctor--could they send the referral? No--you have to come here first because you have not been here for three months. I said--I have a medical record on this hernia--from the ER. No... Now, 36 hrs later, my family doctor has not even read the message saying (as he well knows) that my arthritis is so bad it is an ordeal to come over.

Later, that afternoon, I thought, wait a hot one...Maybe the guy the ER recommended--the close one who also operates at a close hospital--is on my plan. Why believe the insurance company? So I went on the--gulp--insurance company website, usually a place hope goes to die.

The ER-recommended doctor was on there! He is on the plan! So I called the family doctor back...I want the referral to this guy.

This morning--that had not been written down, but within the last two hrs, the note was read by the family doctor...the referral is being made without my coming over...step one...is COMPLETE.

As I sat here in PAIN, almost crying, all day yesterday...everyone I talked to ended the call with "Have a nice day!" Chirp, chirp.

This is a health care system? Some of us are not having a nice day.

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