Friday, March 10, 2017

Smiling as therapy

See--you're smiling. You're welcome.
Even though I am still in the throes of ailment and insurance HELL (see below), I am trying to grab a smile here and there--and anyone who follows this site or knows me, positive thinking is not my strong suit.

The Consumer Guide to Dentistry lists eight components of a smile..from the frame (lips) to the buccal corridor (between the corners of the mouth and upper teeth).

It takes 11-17 muscles to prop up the corners of your lips.

Jamie Reynolds, an orthodontist and author of World Class Smiles Made in Detroit, says smiles work on the smilee and smiler.

--Your longevity could be affected. This sounds a little flimsy, but in 2010, Wayne State University measured the smiles of Major League players' 1952 baseball cards. Those with no smile lived an average of 72.9 years. The smilers lived to 79.9 years of age.

--Smiles can be therapeutic. Smiles reduce stress hormone levels and increase those yummy endorphins.

--Smiles translate universally. Almost every place, a smile is received positively.

I try to smile first thing in the AM...even if Morning Joe is not that funny--and it usually isn't these days.

Try it!

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