Friday, April 07, 2017

"Natural" eating attributed to the hippies of yore

The New York Times ran a story saying the hippies had won--that their vegan and whole foods ways had entered or even taken over the mainstream.

Granola is now a category in the supermarket. Kombucha is sold on street corners and in Walmart.

Yoga and meditation--everyday activities.

Miso, tahini, dates, seeds, turmeric, ginger--stables of other cultures are commonplace on the American table.

This is also blending with technology in the popular culture--iPhones and pal santo (S Am wood used to smudge areas with healing smoke), one source said.

The super masculine meat culture is giving way to acai and other delicacies.

Some of this is coming from our learning more about the microbiome--the inhabitants of your intestinal tract. This area benefits from biodiversity, but fading soils and big ag farming have limited the range. Now people are trying to repopulate their guts--especially with fermented items.

People tend to like umami--the fifth sort of yeasty taste that is now right up there with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.

People also like more textures in their food than before.

Remember "nights"? Maybe you are too young. But many families ate the same dishes on each given night of the week--Monday was meatloaf, Tuesday was supermarket pizza, etc. Every meal had a protein, a "starch" (carb), a veggie, and a sweet dessert.

Those days are fading or gone.

A lot of the commenting letters on this story said why attribute this to hippies? It's just wholesome eating. But I do remember being introduced to most of this at a yoga ashram I went to nightly for a decade and to the Whole Earth Catalog, which I loved.

You youngsters missed a lot. But there is still some good eating ahead.

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