Thursday, April 27, 2017

Up your nose

Loyola University pharmacists published a paper (Annals of Emergency Medicine) that said more ERs and ambulance crews are administering drugs by shooting a mist up patients' noses.

I have not personally experienced this.

Fast, easy, noninvasive--they say.

In short, an atomizer is attached to the syringe of medication and the medication mist covers the inside of the nose on the fast track to the brain.

No needles, no IV, no infections.

In the article they looked at five meds administered this way: tranquilizers, pain killers, drug overdose neutralizer, anesthesia, and child sedation.

But--of course-- there is also a downside. This is more expensive and the dose may not be large enough for adults. It also cannot be used if cocaine use has restricted blood vessels or the patient has other nose issues.

At least they had a sense of humor: The paper was titled, "When to Pick the Nose."

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