Monday, April 03, 2017

You may be taking too much Vitamin D

A few years ago, researchers and doctors changed the level of Vitamin D--the sunshine vitamin--you should have in your blood. Suddenly, everyone I know had a yearly blood test that came back "low" or also commonly, "dangerously low," in Vitamin D.

I resisted downing yet another pill--but it was true, due to my disabilities, I did not get out in the sun much. Finally, I decided to take a supplement because the vitamin was supposed to help bone health. a paper presented to the meeting of the Endocrine Society yesterday, the Recommended Daily Amount intake is 400 International Units (IUs) rather than the Institute of Medicine's recommended 800 IU. Whether this applies to those diagnosed as low or dangerously low is unclear.

But it's half as much.

I won't wade into the weeds about how they determined this--you could google it. It involves a newer liquid chromatography tandem-mass spectrometry technique--weeds! Weeds!

Apparently this 400 IU amount is enough to supplement the sun even in winter. I do remember the doctor being undecided--maybe I could take 5000 IUs for a couple of weeks, then less, or just take that much...I think I am taking 5000. I may cut that due to this...down to 400, though--not sure.

So if you are taking Vitamin D for bone health--this recommendation does not necessarily apply to other reasons, Ask your doctor. Or cut back your dose. Or both.

Your call.

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