Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Do you know the BEFAST stroke symptoms?

A friend of a friend recently went to the ER with vague strokey-maybe symptoms, which made me think of the acronym BEFAST.

B--Balance loss
E--Eyesight changes
F--Face drooping
A--Arm weakness
S--Speech garble or difficulty
T--Time to call 911

The cues used to spell FAST..the latter four--but now the B and E have been added to pick up back of brain strokes. Now 10% more strokes are being identified.

A stroke there may make you off balance or have trouble walking. There also can be vision loss in one of both eyes.

If you can't talk or be understood--the stroke may be in the process of happening.

This applies to younger people, too--strokes in those 65 and older ate down 65%. Strokes in people 25 to 44 are up 44%.

Time saved is brain saved. Don't screw around--get help.

To get the big anti-stroke drug TPA, you need to react within 3 hours. Eighty-six percent of stroke victims don't make the cutoff.

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