Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Gray Death" newest drug menace

It just sounds bad, doesn't it--Gray Death?

According to the website Route Fifty, the drug gets its name because it looks like powdered concrete.

In just 72 hrs, 11 people died of it in Erie County, NY (Buffalo area).

Gray Death is a charming mixture of heroin, fentanyl, and a new synthetic opioid called U-47700.

The latter was legal but has not been added as a Schedule I drug--the most dangerous.

A member of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation says Gray Death is one of the scariest combos he had seen in 20 yrs of forensic chemistry analysis.

"Fast track to the morgue," said another expert.

Oh--and one more huge thing. You don't have to ingest it--if it gets on your skin--as happened with an Ohio police officer--it can also kill. The officer was revived only after several does of Narcan.

Because of this, many depts are no longer field testing drugs--they send them to the lab for special handling.

Sooo...I am thinking...stay away. Far far away.

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