Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kids who eat pasta regularly have better diet

Pasta is easy, cheap, and delish--despite the current spurning of carbs on the part of some movie stars and others.

In fact, children love pasta. New research shows that children and adolescents who eat pasta have a better overall diet than those who don't.

True, the study was conducted by the National Pasta Association through a company called Nutritional Strategies.

Basically, they looked a nutritional shortfalls--in other words, where kids did not get enough dietary fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, and vitamin E.

The youngsters who are pasta on a regular basis took in more of those elements--and had a better diet quality as measured by the USDA's Healthy Eating Index, 2010.

They also ate less total fat and saturated fat.

AND--no significant association was found between eating pasta and body weight, waist size, and BMI, In other words, the pasta did not make them fat.

The spokesperson for the National Pasta Association said we should think as pasta as a canvas to which we can add nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods such as fresh veggies, fruits, cheese, lean meats, and legumes.

Offhand, I wonder if kids who eat pasta a lot are eating home-cooked meals more--which may also contribute to a better diet.

And do kids start out with Kraft Dinner and Spaghetti-Os and move on to pasta primavera? Maybe those boxed pasta dishes are gateway pasta.

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