Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The search for a new primary

I came to Arizona 21 yrs ago to help take care of my mother. In that time, my mother, who died a couple of years ago, and I had too many physicians to count--and many I have repressed. We don't have a car, so are limited to doctors relatively close by.

At this point, I think I have had a doctor in almost every physician group within 10 miles and for one reason (probably more than one), no longer see that doctor.

I have had eight cardiologists--and recently got a ninth.

Am I a nutcase who can't get along with anyone? Not really, but I do seek a doctor who will respect me, keep up with the literature, discuss new findings with me, and not go ballistic when I won't go on my thousandth diet or take big drugs I know will make me nauseated or dizzy. I also like a well-run office, response to calls, prescriptions renewed in a timely way, and consideration for the physical demands of my arthritis when it comes to trotting over to the office for this and that when it's not strictly necessary.

This week, I learned that my primary of about five years has moved too far away to get to.


I spent four hours looking up doctors on my "plan" and googling and reading reviews. (I also check each with the Medical Board for lawsuits and to see where they went to school.)

We have some real characters in the medical profession out here. The most common complaints patients seem to have are: (1) Won't touch me, (2) Doesn't renew prescriptions promptly, (3) Makes me come every three months and there is nothing wrong with me, (4) Has a rude or indifferent office staff,  (5) Turfs me to the nurse or physician assistant, (6) Won't answer all my questions, (7) Won't look at me--just the computer, (8) Is mean.

I saw so many comments along the lines of: Beware. Or Do yourself a favor--don't come here. Or--The worst doctor I ever talked to.

All these commenters cannot be nutcases. They took the time to go to a site and comment. Sure, complainers comment more than praisers, but this is pretty overwhelming.

I finally picked a guy...Who knows...I might be writing this same post in a few months.

By the way, I saw a couple of prospective doctors give a little talk on YouTube--that was interesting...Something I had not encountered before.

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