Friday, May 05, 2017


We once had an influx of dog ticks--outside in the yard, inside on the (then) dog, riding on the backs of the cats like jockeys...ticks crawling the walls...dreadful.

I loathe ticks.

But prepare for a bad tick season, says a Cornell University tick expert. A relatively mild winter means more deer and mice--and more ticks.

Even in the city--like NY--there are large mammals, meaning ticks can thrive.

The best-known "bad" tick is the blacklegged tick or "deer tick"--which carries Lyme Disease, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis.

If you now anyone who finally got a Lyme diagnosis, you know this is a long-lasting or chronic disabling ailment and is often not diagnosed for years.

The lone star tick is spreading out in the Northeast and Midwest, thriving in hotter, dryer places and transmitting ehrlichlosis and tularemia.

You need to learn to identify ticks and how to protect yourself.

--Use permethrin-based tick repellent on clothing when in wooded outside areas, even Central Park.

--Inspect yourself and kids for ticks after outings or even everyday.

--Remove a tick carefully, pulling on the head, not the body, with a tweezers.

--Try to keep the head intact in case you get sick and it has to be identified. Put it in an empty pill bottle.

Yick to ticks. Still, we have to be aware.

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