Friday, May 26, 2017

Vacations are good for you

Does that sound like one for The Big Book of Duh? Well, it vacations are so therapeutic and necessary, why do 40% of Americans leave vacay days on the table?

In a report called Travel Effect on, we hesitate to get away because the pile of work will be horrendous when we return.

--Or we think we will look like slackers.

--Or we feel guilt when not working.

--Or we think we are indispensable.

Yet, rested employees are more productive and happy.

AND--Fewer vacations have also been linked to more heart attacks.

We should not be a no-vacation nation.

Even workers who take 3-day weekends are healthier.

If you can't afford a two-week vacation with the whole family, walk on your lunch hour. Leave your phone behind.

And remember--planning the vacation is also stress relieving--the benefits begin eight weeks before you leave.

Saying all this, I can never go anywhere because of my mobility and financial issues. Audiobooks are my getaway.

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