Monday, June 26, 2017

Help with big health decisions

As you know if you are a regular reader, I deal in health everyday. But I still am uncertain about making decisions about my own health...I feel like I am thwarted or wrong every time. I talk to doctors, do research on Dr Google, ask my friends...and then act and feel uneasy the whole time.

Do I know just enough to be dangerous?  I did OK making decisions for my mother, who had dementia for the 18 yrs I cared for her, and she lived until age 95.

But me? I remember 3 months ago when my hernia was discovered (after brewing for 30-some yrs, they thought later) and I thought, no surgery...I will die of surgery....Then, of course, while waiting interminably for specialists to clear me as healthy enough for surgery, the hernia went bad, and I had emergency surgery within half an hour. And woke up. And feel it may be helped my IBS, if I even had that.

So I am interested in a seven-year-old company called

This company has decision-making tools for patients--and physicians--involving cardiovascular risk, atrial fibrillation (which I have and the therapies have all failed me, to which a cardiologist recently agreed), lung cancer screening, and breast cancer screening. Those four.

A doctor blogging on the site said, "The tools display the recommendations from national clinical guidelines and then take the discussion another step, showing the impact of one therapeutic choice compared to another...In (some) situations, the clinician and patients can engage in true shared decision-making where the science and patient's values can meet. In these situations, agreeing to disagree can be a very comfortable process.

I am meeting my new primary doctor this week. Wonder if he ever agrees to disagree. I know I will never go on another "diet." I have seen that movie over and over since I was 10 yrs old.

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