Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Don't forget--your teen may be due for a vaccine

Most parents muddle through all the baby vaccines OK, even in this current environment of questioning vaccines--but the need is lifelong.

It's not just "puppy" shots and you're done. The schools will tell you what is needed by school age--but then what?

The University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital looked at this.

They queried 614 parents with at least one teen--age 13-17.

Little kids are usually scheduled for vaccines, but doctor visits are less regular as kids grow up.

Sometimes a doctor can only bring up vaccines if the youngster is brought in for an accident.

As a result, vaccines are below targets in the adolescent area, especially those that require more than one dose.

--Only one-third of teens have received a second dose of meningitis vaccine by age 17.

--Half of boys 13-17 have completed the HPV series.

--Fewer than half of adolescents get a flu shot.

Parents are unclear on what kids should be getting. They say they only knew because the doctor scheduled a visit or mentioned it.. In 11% the office sent reminders.

I am way far from being a teen, but just got a second type of pneumonia vaccine.

You have to look into this and decide for yourself--and your teenager.

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