Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Free drug testing at music events

By free testing, I don't mean your buddy throwing down a pill and promising to tell you what it did to him.

Johns Hopkins actually studied the experience of volunteers who test pills at raves and other music events.

Yes, such services exist.

Among the findings, which were published in the J of Psychopharmacology, was that the stimulant known as MDMA--or Molly--had as many harmful additives as Ecstasy. The most common adulterant--bath salts.

The best thing is to not take street drugs, the researchers said. Second best--no fault testing on-site.

One such testing group is called DanceSafe. The volunteers come with test kits and scrape a teeny amount off a pill for testing. Chemicals are added that change colors when various elements are present. The drug colors are matched against a chart of colors.

This can show adulterants, but not which ones.

The researcher emphasize that almost drugs are e mixture--no matter what the purveyors say.

According to the study, almost half took the drug anyway if it contained Molly or MDMA.

So, I would say, the result of the testing was to confirm a more predictable drug, but not to turn partygoers away from all party drugs.

Still, it's a start.

Bath salts and a dangerous form of amphetamine called PMA were found in some samples.

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