Monday, July 03, 2017

Kind of gross--the Corn Test

Anything for science.
Kate Murphy, reporting in the New York Times, says if you get an upset tummy it might not be from something you just ate--it could be from something you ate up to 48 hrs before.

How can you tell?

Eat some corn, which passes right through, and see how long it takes to "appear." That is your personal clearance rate, supposedly.

According to Murphy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people get a "gastrointestinal event" a couple of times a month (NYT readers thought that was too often, at least for them).

--The stomach takes 4-6 hours to empty a full meal, then the small intestine takes another 6-8 hours to squeeze out the nutrients and then pass the rest on to the colon, where "the rest" can liner for 1-3 days, fermenting, before leaving.

But mileage may vary--so try the corn thing to see what your total time of passage is.

--If you throw up but nothing is amiss down below, it could be the offending item was consumed 4-6 hours ago.

--If you wake up with diarrhea and cramps, think 18-48 hours before.

Of course, the trouble could also come from pathogens on your hands, or from FODMAPS (google it), fermentable so-called healthy foods such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus, beans, whole grains and other foods.


And don't forget stress and allergies...yipes.

I say--Imodium is your friend...Never leave home without it.

Now--how about some corn?

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