Friday, July 28, 2017

Men doing the grocery shopping

Shocker--according to Men's Health, 84% of men are now the primary grocery shoppers in their household. Other surveys put the number lower, but there is no doubt that men are now pushing the cart more than in the past.

Abah Battarai, writing in the Washington Post, says yes, men are taking on more chores, but also men are putting off marriage longer and must eat in the meantime.


--Men are less strategic--they buy what is needed for a day or maybe even that evening. Women buy a 12-pack, men a 6-pack.

--Men take the hunter attitude--kill fast and leave. Score!

--Men are more impressed by brands. And interesting displays--which stores now are eager to provide. Some have lunchbox aisles, dinner aisles.

--Stores try to make shopping more fun on the assumption that men get frustrated more easily.

--Of course, men think they are great shoppers...and well, women...they take a more moderate view of what men drag home.

My ex- was the cook and I was the breadwinner, which led to his tossing in every luxury item he could find and me taking it back out. But I think that may be a different subject.

Yesterday, a woman friend of mine said her husband had just left for Costco. "I try to keep him out of there," she sighed,

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