Friday, July 14, 2017

Reasonably healthy diet while camping

Some people like to go camping. Actually millions do. Me, put the tent in The Four Seasons. But I digress.

I recently saw a story on how to eat well while camping. I guess the message is that S'mores are not a steady diet that will get you up and down hills and mountains and swimming across lakes.

And--remember--there is something about being outside all day that revs up the appetite.

Some tips?

--Be sure to include fiber. The usual camping foods--roasted meats or even S'mores contain little fiber. The last thing you want in the wild is constipation. Ouch! So pack a lot of carrot sticks, apples, whole grain bread, and other fibery treats. Watch for farm stands and get fresh produce.

--Make meals ahead of time. The campsite often lacks the pots, pans, and other utensils to make multiple can even pre-cook burgers and just add the "flame" taste onsite. Or make nutrient-dense soup, freeze it to use as a cold pack, and then heat it.

--Stay on top of snacks. Trail mix, nuts, dried fruits--nice and portable--but can be calorie-dense. Check out the count before you load up on these all day. A handful of  nuts can be 200 calories. This is not to say you should be on some big "diet" while camping, but be mindful.

---Stay hydrated. This is important whether you are camping or not. Try to stick with water (and not from a stream, no no no). Sodas and sports drinks make you thirstier.

The key is to have fun, enjoy the fun of eating outdoors--and yes, even to have A s'more or two...Life is for living!

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