Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why not talk to yourself?

You are good company, right?

Yet, there used to be a joke about how talking to oneself did not mean you were crazy--but answering yourself did.

Fulll disclosure: I talk to myself all day. I ask myself questions. I encourage myself to stand and walk when my arthritis is bad. I maybe even utter an oath if something hurts or annoys.

Chatter chatter.

Researchers at Michigan State and the University of Michigan say talking --silently they said--to yourself in the third person ("A woman can do this"...etc.) can exert self-control and is pretty effortless.

In short, it makes you think of yourself as you would another person and the brain picks up on this. You get distance from the emotion.

In one experiment, they show participants disturbing images such as a gun being held to a head, and when the subjects referred to themselves in the third person about the image, the brain activity decreased quickly.

In another experiment, the participants went to a traumatic experience from their past using first and third person..third-person self talk resulted in less brain activity.

So...I guess it can't hurt a person, Star. Babble away.

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